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    An innovative new class for pre walking babies. Classes are very creative in their approach and encourage your baby's communication, exploration, creativity, mark making and concentration, as well as being lots of fun.
    Story telling is a passion of  mine and I have developed a range of stories, each with a different theme. I have written a number of the stories myself,  including Bernard the Bubble Blowing Dragon and Olly the Octopus, and the others are classic old favourites including We're going on a bear hunt. 
    The stories are brought to life using  props and puppets and a wealth of sensory materials. Babies are quite literally mesmerised by the story unfolding before their eyes. They really can concentrate and focus.
    I was a specialist early years teacher in a primary school and a Moderator for the Foundation Stage Profile for the Local Education Authority. I taught and also delivered training and my teaching and classroom were filmed to be used in training to highlight and show examples of excellence.
    When I had my daughter I could not find a local group which had a creative and imaginative approach so I started my own. I began volunteering at the Sure Start Centre running a weekly baby and toddler group. I developed a range of stories and accompanying sensory and messy play activities. Parents told me again and again that it was their favourite group, and that I should set up a business. I decided not to return to teaching so that is how Imagination Baby was born.


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